About Nerdforce

HI EVERYONE!!!  We are Nerdforce, the podcast all about the trials and tribulations of being a Salesforce Administrator/Developer and the insanely nerdy things we can’t get enough of.  We talk about the exciting aspects of the latest Salesforce Release and the greatest part of the audio book we just came upon,(Usually in the same breathe).  We interview outstanding people within the Salesforce Community and find out what flavor of nerd is at the center of their heart.  So check out our podcast and listen to our stories.  Make comments or contact us on Twitter or the Success Community.  We love to hear from you.  In the mean time, check out our episodes and blog posts.


We look forward to hearing from you!!

If you are looking for Nerd Force, the Technology Support Company, you can find them here.  http://www.nerdforce.com/   The Nerdforce Podcast is in no way affiliated with Nerd Force the Technology Support Company.  We are an informational service and a not-for-profit organization that operates a podcast and sells no products/services.


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