Nerdforce #1 –Collect’em All!!!

Join Salesforce MVP Nana Gregg and Certified #AwesomeAdmin John Graf in a laid back conversation about all things Salesforce and the nerdy things that fuel the fire.  Get your fill of Dreamforce, Marvel Universe, 80’s Pop Culture, Chatter, #AwesomeAdmin Tricks, Change Release Management and Ready Player One.

What is on your Nerd-Flag?  Are you a Whovian, Sports Stat Fanatic, Film Geek, History Buff or Entophile?  Send us your questions and comments.  Consider joining us for a conversation.  Find us on the Success Community and in the Twitter-sphere.




I solemnly swear the Audio Quality to Improve as time marches on.

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    So if you have read my blog by now you know I’m a little excitable. And a little geeky. And a little quirky. Well, I met a fellow Admin (John Graf) at Dreamforce last year who is a little like me! We are both admitted nerds who like scifi and pop culture and everything Salesforcey! AND he convinced me to join him in a Podcast! So here is the inaugural episode – hope you enjoy!

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