Nerdforce #7 – Wiz Way’d He Go?

This week Nerdforce is joined by the one and only Salesforce Wizard, AKA Brian Kwong.  We talk Change Management, Lightning, Process Builder and Podcasting in general.  That’s about it… Just kidding, we also talk about Sci-Fi, Literary Wizards, Pirates, Cheese and Common Parasites.

Brian Kwong – @kwongerific, @sfcdwizard,

Mystery Links

GrabBag1 GrabBag2 GrabBag3 GrabBag4 GrabBag5 GrabBag6 GrabBag7 GrabBag8 GrabBag9 GrabBag10 GrabBag11 GrabBag12 GrabBag13 GrabBag14

Serious Stuff

Good Change Management –

Lightning webinar –

Process Builder –

Bill Takas & Shelly Erceg –

Code Combat –

Minecraft –

Acapella App from PicPlayPost –

Podcast Success Group –