D&DF16 Episodes!

Episode 01

The first session of the 2016 Dungeons & Dreamforce Adventure has a slightly less rocky start as originally anticipated. We raised money for Extra Life and hope to do even better next week. The story and the series will continue Sept. 20th & 27th. It will come to a close at the NerdforceCon event in San Francisco on Oct. 6th.

Our Heroes Kriv Chi, Brunhilde Battlehammer, Zaob Rebma & Datatello journey into the basement of local hot-spot, The West Pier Dream Tavern. Perhaps they can rid some pesky vermin for their friend and favorite Barkeep, “Dresh”.

Episode 02

With the help of some generous donations to Extra Life, the heroes of #D&DF16 gained some very helpful toys.  It was lucky they did as well, because evil had deep pocketed benefactors as well.  Kriv, Brunhilde, Zaob and Datatello battled some eight legged foes in the dingy halls of this lair.  Stay to the end to hear of some dramatic cameos!!!!

Episode 3

Our #DnDF16 Heroes worked their way into the vile depths of the tunnels to find an evil Fern Gully of sorts. They battle a wretched foe who winds up having more in common with one of the heroes more than one would imagine.