Kriv “Lil’ Wizzy” Chi

Age: 31
Size: Medium, 6’0″
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Brown
Skin: “Tanned”
Hair: Black

Ethnicity Background
Born to Shou parents, Kriv Chi, inherited more than his parents bargain for. Unknown to his parents, in the far up in the family tree, the Chi family had a.. liaison with a Dragonborn. The results of this joining has not been noticeable for generations, but in Kriv the family history began to assert itself. Starting with puberty, Kriv began to notice a black and gold scales appearing on his right wrist. With great pains, he scrape these scales off his arm, yet somehow felt abhorred to discard them. As his voice deepened, the scaling increased until no amount of scraping would remove the scales. Kriv resorted to constantly wearing extra long gloves, including bathing and his studying to hide his shame. By the end of puberty, his right hand has been had been fully encapsulated by black and gold scales and has become impervious to fire.

Origin Story
His parents discovered their son had magical talents at the young age of 4. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the barn and goats were permanently traumatized. Holding to the traditions of their land, his parents “donated” their son, thus striping him of all familial relations, to the Wizard Academy.

Kriv spent his days either in lessons or exploring the depths of the Academy’s library. Kriv did his best to avoid the others at the academy at all cost. Between his family abandonment, the growth of his scales, and his limited access with others, Kriv developed an unrealistic expectation of how the world should work and various nervous ticks.

This became readily apparently when Kriv performed the 3rd circle graduation ceremony where students stripped near naked to the magical elements. After completing the trails, Kriv had to meet and receive special acknowledgement from the circle – the leaders of the academy. Concerned they would notice his scales, Kriv became more and more nervous.
Something happened (which I”m not telling you Datatello!) That  ultimately resulted in Kriv leaving the academy early to try to make the world a better place.
kwong-bioLil’ Wizzy is played by Brian Kwong of Salesforce Lore.  This long time MVP and Salesforce Guide for hindered Admins in the Success Community.  Half of the Wizardcast Podcast and the Wizardcast blog site, Brian is one of the more recognizable personalities in the Salesforce World.  Read and Listen to Brian HERE!