Trailblazer – Dwarf Ranger

Schwag Bag

ReRoll Badges Gained – 3    QuickWin Fish Gained – 1

Brunhilde “Trailblazer” Battlehammer was born in the Eastern mountains. Her clan was respected but not prominent, and in order to bring honor and greater utilization of her clan, she set out to learn more and become better, so she can bring back her knowledge and make the entire kingdom better and stronger. While outside of the comforts of her home mountains, she functions as a ranger, helping travelers navigate the difficult and dangerous terrain, so that they too can learn and become better.


safin-bioTrailblazer is played by Samantha Safin is the West Michigan WIT User Group Leader.  She blogs about the day to day trials of living the nerdy lifestyle at PolymathForce.  Tweet your support for Trailblazer and Samantha! @thesafinhold