The Dreamcrate Auction has ended and one particularly gleeful Nerd took home the greatest Dreamforce treasure ever.  Huge thanks to the jovial and generous Adam Olshansky.  I can’t wait to do this again next year.

Here is your chance to reel in the biggest box of Nerdy Salesforce Schwag you could ever imagine!  The Nerdforce Dreamcrate is the Golden Ring, the Goblet of Fire, the Exploding Death Star of true Dreamforce Enthusiasts.   The auction is currently live and the bidding has begun.  Bidding will continue until Wednesday, October 5th.  Don’t waste time, click on the Chest to stake you claim!Dreamcrate

All proceeds will go to our Extra Life fund to help some very courageous kids fight ugly monsters through the Children’s Miracle Network.  Every dollar raised by this auction and all the excitement organized by the Nerdforce Podcast goes to help brave fighters like this Rocky fan. See here story HERE.

A number of items came from our personal collections, but many of the items in the Dreamcrate are donated by some awesome members and partners of the Salesforce Community.  There are many great toys in the crate, some of which are not even mentioned below including a special gift from the Trailhead Team.  The current retail value of the crate is $1576.  Good Luck to you all!

Classic Game Buttons

DC Buttons

Nerdazzle your Dreamforce Backpack with these classic Pop Icons that just may be older than yourself.
Approximate Retail Value $1

Classy Dreamforce Accessories

Cloud Purse Lightning Necklaces









Class up the joint with a Cloudy Clutch Purse and always match with Gold and Silver Lightning Necklaces.KBentubo

Thanks to Nerdy Benefactor @KellyBentubo

Approximate Retail Value $44

Poppy Funko

JokebatTracerBulk up the population of your desk with these adorable infamous Funko Pops.

Approximate Retail Value $20

Who Owes me a Beer Glass


This one is a special treat.  We collaborated with Steve Molis to design a set of one-of-a-kind beer glasses.  Etched into the side we have the secret formula to calculate, once and for all, how many bottles of beer ARE on the wall.




Thanks to Nerdy Benefactor @SteveMoForce


Approximate Retail Value $30

Re-Kindle the Flame

Get connected with a brand new Amazon Kindle Fire.Kindle Fire


Approximate Retail Value $50

Another Percy Fawcett Discovery

Amazon Echo PictureThat title block is a joke for history nerds.  Seriously, look him up.  Fawcett is one of those “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” people.

Anyhow, The Amazon Echo is brought to us by the amazing and generous people at FinancialForce. Who doesn’t want they very own omnipresent robo-butler.


Thanks to the wonderful people at FinancialForce.

Approximate Retail Value $180

Dreamforce Tip #1: Take care of your Feet!

dreamcrate misty


Chances are , you have come across someone classy enough to wear lightning bolts laced into their Chuck Taylors.  Now you can meet the height of Dreamforce Fashion with Schwings and Cloudy socks.

Misty JonesThanks to Nerdy Benefactor @MistyRaeJones

Approximate Retail Value $22



You asked for it, and now you have it!  Well, no one actually asked for it, but you strongly insinuated it while listening to the podcast.  Check out your newest buddy to join the #Dreamcrate.

Approximate Retail Value $100

$500 of Potentially Anything!!!!


If the nerdy item you seek is not on this list, do not fret.  The
amazingly generous people of ShellBlack.com have donated an Amazon Gift card to the Dreamcrate of extraordinary value.  Seriously, there is a ton of good you can do with this.  Thank you Shell!

Thanks to Nerdy Benefactor @Shell_Black

Approximate Retail Value $500

A Piece of Mindfulness

jwobserdreamgemsExcavated and brought to the surface by one of the original gems of Salesforce Community, we have two beautiful crystals.  A piece of mindfulness for your desk and one you can carry!

Thanks to Nerdy Benefactor Jennifer Wobser @crmsalesgem

Approximate Retail Value $500

Live the Bacon Lifestyle

BaconEarringsWould you believe there is an underlying Bacon Culture in the Salesforce Community.  No really, there are Baconatics around every corner of Moscone during Dreamforce.  We are lucky enough to get Bacon themed accessories.


DreshThanks to Nerdy Benefactor @EricDresh

Approximate Retail Value $4



What if you could play an analogue version of Pokemon Go!?!!  Turns out, way back in the 90’s, our ancestors had to collect Pokemon in a Hard Copy format.  Now you can collect 24 packs holding a total of 168 Pokemon cards.  Who knows what you could wind up with?

SfdcStuThanks to Nerdy Benefactor @salesforcestu

Approximate Retail Value $125


We are excited to bring this collection of Nerd Schwag to you.  Remember to bid with the kids of the Children’s Miracle Network in mind.

Special Thanks to all the Nerdy Benefactors that provided their time and resources to the Dreamcrate.
Kelly Bentubo, Steve Molis, Financial Force, Misty Jones, Shell Black, Jennifer Wobser, Eric Dreshfield, Stuart Edeal, Kristi Guzman, Chris Duarte and the Trailhead Team.

NerdforceCon 2016