Nespax the Administrator

Nespax the Administrator

Temporal Ministry of Gallifrey

The Administrator manages the universal quantum database, the database that holds the information of everything.  He is the Timelord who handles the processes to maintain the numbers and records through time and space.    You can’t necessarily call him a solo admin, but he has yet to meet another member of the Temporal Ministry in his 716 years.  As most all information interaction is between the highly sophisticated AI of “Gallifreyan Hearts”, e.g. the “Heart” of the TARDIS.  These Hearts are so advanced that they have each developed their own Personas.  Where the Administrator excels is developing applications that allow these Personas to talk to one another and to a lesser extent, Biols.  Each post will be a narrative of how he encountered a communication problem between Hearts to Hearts or Hearts to Biols.

Biols – as in Biologicals, beings, non-programmed entities that have evolved out of the goo that has riddled the Universe since the dawn of time.  This includes, (but is not inclusive to…) Humans, Sontarans, Zygons, Vogons, Wookies, Xenomorphs, the Borg(to a degree), and even Timelords.  Inconceivably, Biols are even more erratic and emotional than any Heart in the Gallifreyan network.