#SalesforceNOW & the Amazing Potential

The Salesforce World is full of certified, qualified Admins & Developers.  It turns out, the Salesforce World is also full of Orgs with no real Administrator at the helm.  Sure, every Org has at least one System Administrator, but it takes more than a profile to make an #AwesomeAdmin.  Trust me, I have talked to a number of CEO/Salesforce Administrators.  They always remind me of an inspirational bumper sticker I made up.

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Don’t forget all the Freshman Admins who are just now struggling through the first couple of years trying to figure out how to create records based on some obscure requirements given to them by their users.  What if… What if there was a website or better yet, an app that allows someone to enter their requirements and get a number of options on how to resolve them.  There has been a push to train huge swathes of society on these beneficial Salesforce skills, but where do they go for gainful employment?  What if there was a place they could list out their skills, certifications and Trailhead Badges to demonstrate their value?


I needed a plumber.  I wasn’t sure where to begin looking for a plumber.  Obviously, I could go through a number of traditional routes. I could have looked one up on Yelp, or google searched “OKC Plumber”.  I could have asked some friends for recommendations.  Heck, someone left a Yellow Pages on my porch a few days ago and I hadn’t thrown it out yet.  The problem with any of these options was that I had too many options.  I needed this list to be pared down based on the scale of the problem, my expected budget, my confidence in any reviews available and the time table on which I needed this problem to be fixed.  In my search for a proper plumber I came across HomeAdvisor.com.  Now these folks may seem like another Yelp or AngiesList, and from some perspectives that may be true; but this is what was different about my experience.  The online form asked me to describe my problem and my location.  From there, I was given 4-5 possible candidates with accompanying reviews from past customers.  I had the option to pick a day and a narrow window of time for them to come to my house and properly quote out the problem.  To wrap up this part of the story, I can tell you that the Morgan Plumbing Team was prompt, professional and courteous, but that’s not the point.  The point was I needed a plumber.  It’s safe to say that Morgan Plumbing needed a customer.  This website matched us up perfectly to suit our needs.

The entire experience got me thinking about the fleet of trained and certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers out there.  I was also thinking of the Salesforce Orgs adrift without an #AwesomeAdmin out in the same Salesforce Universe.  How do we match up these poor hapless souls?  Why can’t we have a website or app that allows companies with Admin/Dev needs to post their requirements and get a list of people who could provide them with potential solutions?  I was curious to see what my ‘Forcian Colleagues thought, so I threw something out to the Twittersphere.

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I got a pretty quick response form the Salesforce Gem herself, Jennifer Wobser.  Apparently, I was not the first to imagine this possibility.  Not only had she considered what impact this would have on the Salesforce Community, she had written up and presented a demo to some of the powers that be at Salesforce.  I am disappointed to hear that her idea got little traction, but there a whole myriad of variables that could be behind the slow start.  Again, not the point!  I had to hear more about her idea.  Nana and I invited her on to the Nerdforce Podcast so we could really ferret out some details.

On that note, it is important to mention that this blog post is a Complement to Nerdforce #16 Meet in the Middle.  Jennifer joined us to talk about Data Therapy, Geology, Gemstones, Sibling Rivalry, Admin Bootcamp, and about a big idea that needs big love from the incredible Success Community.  To learn more about this wonderful idea, click over and listen.

What You Can Do to Help

Before I lay out some of the finer points of this idea, let me inform you of your role.  There is no greater feeling in the world than bringing something to fruition.  Whether that is creating the perfect Hotdog Macaroni Burrito or raising the two year old that covets said burrito.  Making something great happen in this world is truly something to cherish.  For us to make this idea a reality, we need to have a grand conversation about it.  We need be talking about #SalesforeNOW on the Success Community, Twitter, UserGroup Meetings, Podcasts, WaterCoolers, waiting in line for the Weird Al concert and anywhere else that encourages creative input.  We need to be talk about the impact it could have on the Community, your User Group, your friends who can use a good job and on Salesforce as a whole.  Your job is to talk about this idea, provide your input, feedback and even your criticisms.  I want to see people talking about #SalesforceNOW on Twitter, Salesforce Community, other Podcasts and other Blogs.  I would even accept hearing about it on Slack and Cereal Boxes.  So read over the idea and talk to someone about how it could help and be sure to add your ideas that would make it even better. #SalesforceNOW

To give you a clear view of Jennifer’s vision, let me show you some of the work and even some Mock ups of the site.  Before I do, I want to thank you Ms. Wobser for seeing my little thought bubble on twitter and breathing life and confidence into it.  My plan is to make this world a better place and even if this is the last that I hear of #SalesforceNOW, I now believe that I can change the world; and that is because of your conviction.  Thank you!  Now read through this plan and tell the world about it.

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Develop an application for Salesforce Administrators and customers to engage directly for projects and or full time employment.

The application will allow Administrators to prioritize and tally up their experience including all achievements and certifications.  The end results will be determined by measurable analytics on Administrative market value and employer placement.

Salesforce Customer/Administrator Challenge:

  • Salesforce Administrators cannot document their Salesforce specific credentials or experience on a traditional resume or LinkedIn.
  • There is no scaling system to identify Administrators that are superior or entry level for Salesforce customers.
  • There is no Salesforce approved location or application for Administrators or customers to connect and improve their use of Salesforce.


We can deliver an application for Salesforce Administrators and customers to directly engage.

Administrators will be able to share their achievements, certifications and accolades on the public market for Salesforce customers to hire the right people at the right time.

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