Nerdforce #31 – Who DOESN’T have an Eye Tattoo?

We wrap up the year with an elongated chat with the Nerdforce Players.  That is we talked to the vocal stars of our #Adminfiction Dramatic Readings; Benjamin Bolopue and Samantha Safin.  Stuart Edeal also joined us as a new conspirator in some new stories were are hammering out.  This was a much needed conversation with some great friends and I hope you as the listener feel the same way.  Let’s hear it for 2017.

The Resurgence of a Business Process #1

Twice a year, everyone in my company makes a pilgrimage back to HQ to review and realign our objectives.  We are a burgeoning mid-sized company of enthusiastically dedicated and intelligent people.  When you collect a few dozen of these passionate personalities into a conference room for a week, you can learn a lot about your company’s processes.  One of the sentiments that struck me with pangs of frustration was, “We discussed this topic last December, and I’m not interested in discussing this now if we will just wind up repeating ourselves again next December!”  This may sound like a whiny interjection, but he’s right.  Why haven’t we resolved the situations identified 6 months ago?

In preparation for this meeting I reviewed the illustrated process from December and compared it to the process of today.  The changes were minor if not trivial.  This is maddening because I knew I did do things over the last few months.  Where did all my hard work go; where are the fruits of my labor?  Studying my notes and my closed Business Process (BP) Tasks I found that much of my work was stymied by a general disinterest from my colleagues.  Is “Disinterest” the right word?  How about insignificance; my colleagues found the Business Process updates to be insignificant and in turn gave them little attention.  This creates a self-fulfilling prophesy as an ignored Business Process is irrelevant.  Weird how that works out, right?

Let’s not beat up my reluctant coworkers just yet.  They are just as busy as I am.  When you are putting your nose to the grindstone, it can’t be easy to turn your head to see what the next guy is doing.  I need to get their attention.  To get the buy-in needed to make real progress, I need an internal Marketing Campaign.  This may be hard to believe, but many Nerds such as myself struggle with social interactions.  Even in this very Blogpost, I am leveraging my skills from high school drama class to pretend to be someone daring enough to express his bold faced opinion to the entire interweb.

So what can be done?  How do I proliferate the work of my one-man department to a level of productivity beyond expectations?  Through the conversations I had with my colleagues I’ve determined I can do better at instigating interdepartmental communication.  The BP Department needs to moderate conversations about steps of improvement.  I also need to promote further education about the current processes.  My work needs to be not only documented but prominently on display.

Over the next couple of blog posts, I will recant my journey of building a BP Documentation Wiki.  Most of my guidance will be coming from Amber Boaz’s webinar “How to Create Awesome Documentation”.  I strongly encourage all of you to look into this.  You will also hear of my journey to up my game on internal marketing through a series of meetings I’ll organize referred to as “BP Collaboratives”.  The third leg to this journey (and the Nerdiest leg of them all) will be how I am doing all of this by leveraging a Dungeons & Dragons style motivation technique found in Chris Hardwick’s “The Nerdist Way”.

So, I get it… that last thing came from way out in left field.  You are likely wondering if we are even in the Realm of Administrators anymore.  If you trust in the power of Nerd, I believe I can relate how a Solo Admin can begin changing the world through a D&D Character Tome.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite ancient Greek quotes that is a lesson in both physics and determination.

ArchimedesTwistGive me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.  – Archimedes