Nerdforce #13 – You Got This!

Nana has fought her way back to the Podcast and we are all excited to have her.  We catch up and talk Disney, American Idol, Apex & the Limits and the Brand New Spring ’16 Trailhead Badge.  The Success Community hits 2M.  We request volunteers for Nerbage Trail Kids; I mangle a description of a great blog post and we both yearn for an Astro doll (HINT, HINT).  Thanks for listening and being a nerd with us.

GrabBag01, GrabBag02, GrabBag03, GrabBag04, GrabBag05, GrabBag06, GrabBag07, GrabBag08, GrabBag09, GrabBag10, GrabBag11, GrabBag12, GrabBag13