Nerdforce #19 – Bacon Dreamin’ with a New Guest Accomplish

A special treat this week at Nerdforce.  Our guest accomplice is likely a friend of yours, or possibly a friend of a friend.  In any case, we all have some connection to the omnipresent Eric Dreshfield (@ericdresh).  You may remember him from the Southern Indiana User Group or the face behind the Newbie Reunion Breakfast or daily interactions on 1 of a half dozen Twitter accounts.  You might remember him as the founder of Midwest Dreamin’ or perhaps you met him at your local Baconers Anonymous meeting.    Nana and I really enjoyed this hour of gabbing and storytelling w/ Eric and we hope you do as well.

GrabBag01, GrabBag02, GrabBag03, GrabBag04, GrabBag05, GrabBag06, GrabBag07, GrabBag08, GrabBag09, GrabBag10, GrabBag11, GrabBag12, GrabBag13, GrabBag14, GrabBag15, GrabBag16, GrabBag17, GrabBag18